7 Ways To Keep Customer Service A Priority

The relationships you build with your client base are the most important to the future health of your business. In today’s world, customers are looking for fast responses to questions and someone who cares, so if you manage to achieve both then you are also building a strong referral base.


To help improve or transform your customer service, experts offer seven tips to start implementing:


  1. Answer inquiries immediately - If a prospective client reached out for the first time and doesn’t hear back that same morning or afternoon, they may very well move on.
  2. Exercise unparalleled transparency - This will build trust and increase brand loyalty.
  3. Make the client your focus - True personal customer service will differentiate your brand. Know your customer’s preference and the name of their children or pets.
  4. Show them you care - You want to make sure you let your clients know that you are there for them as they may need you in the future. Touch base on their birthday, home anniversary or with quarterly/monthly newsletters to help stay top of mind.
  5. Keep up with virtual reality technology - This can significantly enhance the home shopping experience where the client can tour the home all from their home or office.
  6. Deliver the best customer service (out of anyone) - Don’t just be the best in the real estate business, best the best compared to all industries.
  7. Get everyone’s name in your CRM - This will help keep your name top of mind with your customers by sending them birthday, anniversary and newsletter emails.


Real estate is a people business and poor customer service can threaten the most important relationships. Great customer service and enhance your current customer relationship as well as boost your referrals from those customers to their friends and family.


*Courtesy of Realtor Magazine